I am interested in thinking, philosophy, language and how people function. I work as a writer, illustrator and lecturer. I work with stories, performative talks, illustrations and animated films or combinations of these media.

This year a book on the experience of reading Hegel comes out (Im Schaum dieser Sprache: Hegel lesen) with stories and illustrations in the publishing house of the Museum Hölderlinturm. In 2008 I published Language Cinema (Sprachkino), a book and DVD with experimental animated films. Language Cinema is a theoretical investigation in the threshold between abstract language and animated film.

I received my PhD  from the University of Portsmouth (supervisor: Diedrich Diederichsen) in the field of Art, Design and Media. My doctoral thesis investigates in the relationship between linguistic and pictorial information and the nature of visual metaphors. I did a Diploma in Graphic Design and a Master of Arts in European Media at Merz Akademie, Stuttgart.