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  • Illustrations at the exhibition on Hegel and Hölderlin

    I made illustrations for the exhibition: Hegel and Hölderlin and their life in Tübingen in the Museum Hölderlinturm, I created illustrations on quotes by Hegel und Hölderlin. The exhibition also shows short illustrated bits of my book on reading Hegel. The exhibition has a nice (German) online version:  

  • “Reading Hegel” at the Deutsches Literaturarchiv, Marbach

    On October 6, 2019, the exhibition “Hegel and his Friends” will be opened in the Deutsches Literaturarchiv, Marbach. At 11 h Judith Butler gives a lecture. At 14 h I show the lecture performance on different experiences of reading Hegel. This lecture performance later was transposed into a book.    

  • Lecture Performance on Democracy in Leipzig

    In Leipzig a Performance-Philosophy-Festival on Democracy takes place 9th-11th of May 2019. I will give a performative talk called: Fondling the monkeys: On figures of thought on big democracies. More on this performative talk under its new title: Everybody caresses everybody. Freitag, 10. Mai 2019, 7 PM. LOFFT – DAS THEATER Spinnereistraße 7, Halle 7…

  • Residency at Brunakra Contemporary, Sweden

    I was invited todo a residency at Brunakra Contemporary, Gislöv, Sweden, April 1-15, 2019. I worked on a project on phantasms of artistic production, in particular phantasms of large and small, minimal, consistent, oscillating and daring works The Residency was possible because of a collaboration of the Instituts für alles Mögliche, Berlin und Brunakra Contemporary. This…

  • Lecture-Performance at the Performance Philosophy Biennal, Amsterdam

    Taboos, contradictions and double binds of being an academic philosopher and how philosophers try to deal with them This lecture performance is based on 30 confidential interviews with academic philosophers in Germany (professors, junior faculty, and students) on their reading habits and professional life. One aspect of these interviews that struck me in particular and…

  • Stories and animations published in the Performance Philosophy Journal

    Some of my stories and some animations were published with the title The Feeling of Thinking: Stories and Animations on the Experience of Reading Theory in the spring edition 2019 of the Performance Philosophy Journal. For more please go to: Reading Theory.  

  • Participation in the exhibition “The Production of Nothing”

    I took part in the exhibition “The Production of Nothing”. My project was: I have to lie down – pretty much about hardly anything During the exhibition I am as hyperactive as possible. I collect and develop figures of thought, descriptions, instructions about all kinds of minor and hardly-any-productions, about slow, discrete and hidden production,…

  • “The Feeling of Thinking – Reading Theory” at the SEP-FEP-Conference, Winchester

    I showed the performative talk The Feeling of Thinking: On the Experience of Reading Theory at the Society for European Philosophy and Forum for European Philosophy Joint Annual Conference. The conference took place 4-6 September 2017 in Winchester. And I found a bunch of great interviewees for this project there.

  • “The feeling of thinking” at the 3rd biennial Performance Philosophy Conference

    I will show a performative talk in Prag on the 24th of June 2017. It is called The feeling of thinking: On the experience of reading philosophy  It includes stories and short animated films. It will be part of: How does Performance Philosophy Act? Ethos, Ethics, Ethnography, the 3rd biennial Performance Philosophy conference in Prague.

  • Participating in X WORDS at the Institut für Alles Mögliche

      I show a sound installation named The You and Everyone Around You at: X WORDS – – SCARY WORDS / LONGING WORDS / MAGIC WORDS … X WORDS – – X = claiming / stealing / holding / selling / testing / hoping / holding / speaking / thinking / crying / pretending / lying…