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Talk on “Phantasms of Art Works” in Malmö

What are artists’ phantasms of perfect works? What are we desperate for? What do we dream of, when we think of making a huge work (a dream almost every artist entertains)? How we imagine tiny works? What precise concepts – known and preconscious – do we entertain when we speak of poetic, daring, or consequent […]

Residency at Brunakra Contemporary, Sweden

I was invited to a residency at Brunakra Contemporary, Gislöv, Sweden, April 1-15, 2019. I worked on a project on phantasms of artistic production, in particular phantasms of large and small, minimal, consistent, oscillating and daring works The Residency was possible because of a collaboration of the Instituts für alles Mögliche, Berlin und Brunakra Contemporary. This […]

Participation in the exhibition “The Production of Nothing”

A PRODUCTION OF NOTHING by the Institut für alle Mögliche 13. – 16.09.2018 Kunstpunkt Berlin Schlegelstraße 6, 10115 Berlin Participants: Ryo Biho, Stefan Brüggemann, Manuel Bonik, Ilse Ermen, Karl Heinz Jeron, Alana Lake, Franziska Pätzold, Veronica Reichl, Stefan Riebel, Joel Verwimp, Ladislav Zajac My project: I have to lie down – pretty much about hardly […]