Performative Talk at Wisp-Festival in Leipzig

Wisp Festival for Arts, Technology and Communication

Performative Talk: The others as background

In this performative talk I investigate in the different relationships individuals have with their friends, with their peer group, with the people in their town etc.: All these groups of persons, which we sometimes conceptualise as our background. In our heads, they build a setting within which we function. We refer to them, we employ them, we try to see ourselves in them, but we are never able to understand the whole relationship.

The talk combines short narratives and snippets of theory.

It is shown in German and in English version.



18:00 in English
19:30 in German
Wisp Festival
Reading Café
Gießerstr. 16
Leipzig Plagwitz

Film Hegel: Subjective Spirit in shown at Cyberfest in Bogota, Sankt Petersburg and New York

Cyberfest shows a exciting program named Patterns of Mind including my film Hegel: Subjective Spirit. Patterns of Mind was shown in November at SOFA Festival in Bogota, in December at The Hermitage Museum in Sankt Petersburg. In February it will be shown in New York Media Center.

Photo by CYLAND, 2015. Courtesy of CYLAND.

Showing at the Hermitage Museum Sankt Petersburg. Photo by CYLAND, 2015. Courtesy of CYLAND .


I take part in the exhibition 25 JAHRE KÜNSTLERHAUS AM ACKER!

July 18th – 25th 2015
Opening: July 18th / 20h

On the occasion of the 25th birthday of the “Künstlerhaus am Acker!” and the 5th birthday of the “Institut für Alles Mögliche”, we take a look back at the history of the building at number 18 Ackerstraße, where the Institut has been based since 2011.