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Works, Works Works (Performative Talk and Workshop, 2019)

What are artists’ phantasms of perfect works? What are we desperate for? What do we dream of, when we think of making a huge work (a dream almost every artist entertains)? How we imagine tiny works? What precise concepts – known and preconscious – do we entertain when we speak of poetic, daring, or consequent works? What ideals do we have in mind? What are the impulses, the perceptions, the hunches that get us going? What ideas about working processes and states of being passive and active are connected to these ideas on works.

A performance as a list and a workshop in order to understand your own ideas about working and work.

This performance is part of the project: Phantasms of Artistic Production. More details are to be found there.




To fondle the monkeys: How we deal with the huge size of our democracies

Performative talk consisting in the descriptions of experiences and phantasms, 2019.



The others as background, performative reading, 2016

Philosophers in My Head, Philosophers in My Bed, performative talk with animated films on the experience of reading theory, 2016

Online/ Talk/ Answer, [Online / Vortrag / Antwort], performative talk ,2014

The Promise of Philosophy 1:  Hunch and Flurry, [Das Versprechen der Philosophie I: Ahnung und Unruhe], performative talk, 2012

The Promise of Philosophy 2:  Constraint and Enchantment, [Das Versprechen der Philosophie II: Zwang und Entzücken], performative talk, 2012

Kissing Freud [Freud küssen], performative talk on Freud’s idea of the invented symptom, 2007

Incorporater, Self-doubler, Me-excuder, Megalomanier: Mechanisms of Self-increase [Ichverströmer, Einverleiber, Selbstverdoppler, Größenwahner: Mechanismen der Selbstvergrößerung], performance with slide show, 2002

Electricity for Your Production [Strom für die Produktion], Performance, 2002