Illustrations + Graphics


Poster and flyer for Körper_Denken! in Munich.


Poster and flyer for Soundcheck Philosophie in Leipzig, 2017


Life on Mars (Illustration for Hohe Luft).





World-Spirit 1: Hegels World-Spirit (Weltgeist) and how we perceive it at a particular point in time: The World-Spirit pervades everything: nature, art, philosophy and history. It governs the world in every moment, yet right now we are not able to understand its aims and its operations.



World-Spirit 2: Hegels Weltgeist in the course of time: The process of the world in all its details is the unfolding of the World-Spirit. The World-Spirit develops through time into full self-consciousness. It moves through thesis, antithesis and synthesis. We can understand the sense only at the very end of this process.



Leibniz’s Monad

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