Performative Talks

WH2A5292Selection of Performative Talks and Performances:

The others as background, performative reading, 2016

Philosophers in My Head, Philosophers in My Bed, performative talk with animated films on the experience of reading theory, 2016

Online/ Talk/ Answer, [Online / Vortrag / Antwort], performative talk ,2014

The Promise of Philosophy 1:  Hunch and Flurry, [Das Versprechen der Philosophie I: Ahnung und Unruhe], performative talk, 2012

The Promise of Philosophy 2:  Constraint and Enchantment, [Das Versprechen der Philosophie II: Zwang und Entzücken], performative talk, 2012

Kissing Freud [Freud küssen], performative talk on Freud’s idea of the invented symptom, 2007

Incorporater, Self-doubler, Me-excuder, Megalomanier: Mechanisms of Self-increase [Ichverströmer, Einverleiber, Selbstverdoppler, Größenwahner: Mechanismen der Selbstvergrößerung], performance with slide show, 2002

Electricity for Your Production [Strom für die Produktion], Performance, 2002

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